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For some reason, I've been venturing back into the world of quartz watches. I was a total Automatic Elitist for a long time. I think over the last 5 years of my life, the only quartz watches I owned were digital. And half of those were Radio Controlled Atomic models. Out of the blue, an opportunity arose for me to try out a new Eco-Drive, and I can distinctly remember thinking about the mornings when I am late, and just need to throw something on from the watch drawer and run out of the house.

And so began my slow spiral back into the world of relatively expensive quartz watches. I love Diver's watches in any form, as you may be able to tell by looking at the collection of watches I have reviewed here. Something about the dials and cases together just draws my attention, and Dive watches are the main staple of my collection, no matter how large or small it may be at any given time.

The Sawtooth was one of "those" watches for a long time, for me. A great looking piece, but it's quartz! Ugh, who wears quartz, that's so Timex!

I'm glad I quit being a snob, because between Seiko, Citizen and a few other brands, there are some Quartz models I have grown to love.

The Sawtooth is about as close to perfect as a dive watch can get for me. The only features I would prefer that would make this watch a true 10/10 would be an optional automatic, and luminous bezel markings.


The Sawtooth has one of the coolest case designs of all the Seiko watches. The bezel guard, the 4:00 crown and the four screws at the corners contribute to a spectacular looking watch. The curvature of the Sawtooth case and the relatively thin nature of the watch make it an easy all day wearer. The Sawtooth is one of those watches that just "fits." Once you get the bracelet adjusted, you forget about the watch on your arm. It contours to your wrist perfectly, and stays put, comfortably.

Of course, the SCH061 has a 200m rating, and the typical Seiko stainless steel caseback, with the usual markings. The crown screws down smoothly, and operates with a reassuring, solid feedback. The bezel has a Diver's scale, and of course, the Sawtooth edges, hence the nickname for the watch.


Seiko's Hardlex seems to be a different animal in each watch that uses it. In some, it has a very acrylic, plastic-y appearance, and in others, it disappears like sapphire. The Sawtooth iteration is absolutely flawless. While being slightly domed, it's viewable from extreme angles, and is nearly impossible to see from most.

The domed shape of the crystal makes the watch legible under water, during which a flat crystal becomes a giant mirror, and makes a watch difficult to read from any angle other than straight on.

Bracelet and Clasp

The Sawtooth comes with an *awesome* bracelet. It's one of Seiko's more attractive designs in my opinion, and features Seiko's fold out dive suit extension, like a Monster.

This watch also uses solid end links, a major plus in any price range.

The links have an alternating pattern of polished and brushed finish which is eye catching, and beautifully executed.

The SCH061 uses Seiko's normal clasp, which is robust, and very attractive on any model.


Using Seiko's 7N36, other wearers have reported times of +/- 0 seconds monthly with this model. When I have the watch for a significant period of time, I will update with an actual number.

This particular watch has a second hand which tracks 99.9% perfectly. It's off by a hair on one marker near 2:00, but it's difficult to notice unless you are like me. The end of the second hand is dipped in red, which stands out nicely and matches the "Diver's 200m" inscription on the dial.

Also, important to note, as you have already gathered, this is Carbon Fiber dial version, which I think is a lot neater than the standard Sawtooth models. The chapter ring and markers are elevated off the carbon fiber disc, and it gives the dial a cool multi-leveled effect.

The Sawtooth models use Seiko's standard diver hands, which I personally love.


Oh, you had to ask -

The Sawtooth is by far, the brightest watch I own. Against all brands, there is no comparison here. The photo does no justice. This watch is a flashlight when fully charged.

Note the light in the background of the photo, and how bright the lume still comes across. If you are a lume person, you will not be disappointed by this watch.

I said it earlier, I will say it again with confidence. This is nearly the perfect watch in my opinion. I would give an arm or a leg for an optional automatic, though I would buy both models willingly. A fully lumed bezel would complete the package.

Those two things aside, this will be the first of many Sawtooth's in my collection, and I am afraid to break the news to the rest of the 'boys in the drawer, but their wrist time just took a cut.
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