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Didn't find much info about this JDM Seiko out there, so I figure I'd give my initial thoughts after buying one this week.

This is my first JDM, SARx level Seiko. Previously I had an Orient Star Retrograde which competes in the same realm. I was very impressed with the Orient Star and I feel this SARX is easily equivalent.

The dial was what initially attracted me to this watch and it doesn't disappoint. There is a lot of depth to the dial, with multiple layers, and the large applied markers really give it an interesting look. There's no lume on the dial (which is fine as it's a dress watch) but the faceting on the markers and hands makes it pretty easy to read. The large markers and deep dial make it seem larger than it's 40mm size. It has a nice wrist presence.

The case is nicely finished. Smoothly polished on the bezel and sides of the case, and the tops of the lugs are lightly brushed for a nice contrast. Sapphire crystal on front, not sure about the back. The front crystal has a very slight dome and if you look at the watch from an extreme edge angle you can see the distortion from the curve. Caseback and view of the movement is pretty standard in terms of other SARx level Seikos. The 6R15 movement is lightly decorated but still interesting to see (to me).

Can't really comment on the bracelet as I removed it immediately upon receipt to put the brown strap on it. However, it seemed well made with solid end links. Nice snug fit (no rattling) but not that hard to remove.

The movement hand winds and hacks, and hand winding is buttery smooth. It gained 9 seconds over the first 24 hours of wear. Setting the exact time took a couple of tries as the movement had a touch of "recoil" when moving and releasing the hands. Typically, when I set the time, I move the hands past the current time and then reverse them to the correct time. This helps to remove any lag in the gears when I start it back up. However, with this watch, when I would release pressure on the crown, the hands would slightly recoil, meaning it didn't line up with the exact minute. It took me a couple of tries to manually compensate by reversing past the current time, but I got it set. All in all, not a big deal, but I know how OCD some owners can be, so wanted to put that out there.

I'm happy with the watch and think it has a nice, unique look. Seems like the SARX001/3/5 (white/black/blue) would get more love, but I'm happy with mine.


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Just Bought Mine!

Thanks for the review.

I just bought one and I'm psyched.

Always been a watch guy but can't afford the Rolex and above market. What I like is that if one is creative and looks beyond the name brand, they don't need to spend obscene amounts of money on an attractive and high quality time piece. With the help of threads like this, I will have an easier time doing so.

I'm happy with the watch and think it has a nice, unique look. Seems like the SARX001/3/5 (white/black/blue) would get more love, but I'm happy with mine.[/QUOTE]
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