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Authored by cubicsquare

There really wasn't much information on the SARB021 so I figure I should contribute something.

The watch was purchased online from a "recommended" online retailer in Japan (located in Shibuya). The entire experience is excellent. Communication and delivery is top-notch! The watch was shipped via EMS on 24th December and arrived at my doorstep on 27th December (with a 1 day Xmas break in-between). A small catalogue of the Seiko Mechanical line as well as a few Japanese postcards are included in the shipment. What more can I say?

On to the watch. I don't have the patience to photograph the entire unwrapping process haha The watch was quickly unwrapped, sized for my 6.25" wrist, adjusted for time, and on my wrist double time. And it sits really well.

Casing: SS, polised beveled bezel with a flat sapphire glass in front and mineral crystal display back. The rest of the casing is a mixture of polished and brushed finish. Brushed finish is decent, but I guess can be better. There are a few angular edges but they're all slightly rounded.

Dial: No lume! Applied hour markers that are highly polished. Black smooth surface. Hour and minute hands have a white line running through the middle. Second hand is long and extend to the second markings.

Crown: Non-screwed down for easy handwinding, with "S" logo. This is what I want, although some people would have prefered a screwed-down crown.

Bracelet: Solid SS construction with a mixture of polished and brushed finish. Single-fold clasp which is made from 2 pieces semi-machined of SS (looks like machined and then pressed, or the other way round). The button assembly is made from pressed sheet. Finished isn't exactly top-notch but for this price, who cares...

Overall: I think the SARB021 is a really good watch for this price range. You get a hacking + manual winding in-house 6pps movement, decent construction and finish, display back. Size is really suited for Asian, and it will look the part as a nice dressy watch with a classy and simplistic design.

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