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Seiko Quartz Sports 150 (7T42)

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My knowledge of quartz models is limited to the 6M25 and a few encounters with 7N42/43 models!

Trying to establish whether this 7T42 Sports 150 is a sought-after Seiko Quartz?

The one in the picture is 20 years old but in absolute NOS condition.

Any information would be greatly valued.


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i dun think they are sought after, i am trying (still trying) to sell mine (a nos mint with undated warranty) but unsuccessful :'(

i guess the gold is the deal-breaker for most. if it were in full steel, it would have long been gone! :)

i put her on a brown croc and the look is changed instantly! TRY IT! 8)
Thanks for the response!

This is not my watch, it has been offered to me. As I said quartz watches are not really my thing, and I don't know enough about them to make any judgement calls....

Judging by the response (or lack thereof), I will not be taking up the offer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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