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Author: Restless

I tried to write a review but had some problems with uploading and inserting pics, so here are a few words instead, and some attached pics.

Overview: Can't say much here, I'm not that familiar with Seiko. It does have design similarities with the early Casio G-shock. The model number is A906-4A00 and the serial dates it to 1980. It has no nickname that I'm aware of, so I hereby baptize it Plastics
. It also states so on the caseback.

Movement: I'm not going to open it, so it will just be a description of the functions. At first sight it's a typical LCD watch with alarm/hour signal and chronograph, and 12-24 hour adjustment. Someone asked what the markings around the crystal were. By pressing the upper right button, there is a digital marker that starts going around the marks on the crystal. So you can move it around, but it will automatically go back to the right time, if the time is 15.00 it goes back to that point. Not sure what the meaning of that is. It's supposed to have a multi-alarm, maybe it relates to that? The alarm is the typically beeping sounds, and it's fairly loud.

Case: Size is ca 40mm versus 35mm. Crystal is hardlex according to the hang tag. It has a red plastic bezel that appears to be held in place with golden colored screws. Three buttons, one yellow and two black. They seem to be made out of a slightly more shiny plastic type. The buttons are firm but not stiff to use.

Crystal: Seems to lay under the whole bezel and contains the mentioned golden markers and Seiko, Sports 150 marked in silver.

Strap: Softer plastic/rubber, tapers from 22mm to 25mm. Fitted to the case with springbars. Stainless steel clasp marked Seiko St.steel.Japan.Z. Despite being nearly 30 years old, it's soft and seems to be in good shape.

Closing opinion: For an LCD, it's different enough to perhaps be interesting for those who aren't interested in LCDs. It also comes in other color combos.


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