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^-^ Swedefreak,

Thanks for the information, no I have not tried Cousins yet, I seem to find it hard to use their parts list, maybe it's me.

What I am looking for (but not sure what to call it) Movement holder ? / Case ring ? / Dial ring ? .For a H601-8080. as you can see some one has used a knife and fork to remove this part, :eek: also one of small pins has been lost.

The watch externally is very nice and keep great time, I would love to bring this watch back to it's full working condition.




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Hi, Bob.....

That looks like p/n 82811231A, a case ring.

Cousins' website is at best ponderous. You're probably better-off making a phone call or e-mail.

Borel shows the part as available (though this is not always the case due to how they keep-up) and if you strike out with Cousins I'd be happy to obtain the part and re-post it.
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