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Based a question and on info collected in THIS post, I have compiled the following links and comments into this reference post of links (and one attachment) listing most of Seikos mechanical movements, together with their basic characteristics and assorted information such as rough production years, beat rate, day/date, jewel count, etc.

First is THIS FABULOUS TABLE, that specifically concentrates on almost all of Seiko's mechanical movements:

SEIKO Movement Spec Table.pdf

Here is a slightly reworked version of the same table posted at Time Zone, which might make for easier reading of the posted information:

A couple of similar but not as complete tables from

and finally this list of Seiko's movement manufacturing affiliate TMI showing similar info for the base modern mechanical calibers and most of seiko's current production quartz calibers:

In addition there's a great site run by fellow forumer and famous collector Dr. Roland Ranfft. In it he has a similar features chart that not only shows Seiko movements, but shows movements from most major movement manufacturers (there must be thousands of movements with photos and info):

Thanks to all who contributed the links and helped assemble this thread. I hope this serves as a great reference going forward.


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Below is a table showing Seiko Vintage Analog Quartz calibers from 1971-1980, which shows basic specs and the range of models it was used in This is a very interesting resource. The table was created by fellow member Garfre and posted at his request.

Seiko Vintage Analog Quartz Table 1971-1980.pdf


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