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A couple of months ago I "discovered" the Seiko SKX009, really liked it and it was then the first watch of that model series that I felt was working well for me. I sold a few larger watches in favor of getting a few more of those including the SKX171 and SKX007 models.

Then I had an idea, I always liked the Seiko Sumo but for some reason the two I had I did not wear much and ended up selling them. I did not know totally why because I really liked the looks of them. In retrospective I figured out that what was wrong was the fact that the case and bracelet were actually kind of heavy and the the watch itself while being 44mm in diameter had lugs that were only 20mm apart. That factor alone caused long term discomfort for my wrist and therefore off the Sumos went. But what if I took the Sumo looks and put it into one of these SKX? The advantage for me was that it is lighter and it has 22mm lugs which I much prefer and should make the watch more comfortable on my wrist.

I went to work and did some trading and selling again, got me another SKX009 in great condition with the Pepsi bezel gotten in trade from an Australian WIS and then sourced the blue Sumo dial. I had a set of hands and then added an aftermarket seconds hand that was more proportionate and aligned to the shape of the hour and minute hands. Then I put the whole thing together.

I wanted a bracelet for this watch and got a Seiko President bracelet but it was too short and could not find any more links anywhere, so I sold that and got an aftermarket Super President bracelet from the sales forum.

The result? Here it is, sorry for any dust and lint...

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