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The first error is the fault of your Seiko watch has an error of excessive allowed.
+ You can observe for a while to see the change of them. According to the 7s26 mechanical watches of the company, the allowable error is less than 20s / day or according to experts, the deviation is about 2 minutes / month.

***+ The way to fix it is to bring it to the warranty place of the watches, they will measure the error and then correct it for you.

One of the causes that can lead to an idle running watch is the wear and tear of the gear system. And according to experts, when using the watch, after 2 years you will have to wipe the oil to make the watch run more smoothly and durable

****+ The remedy is that you take them to wipe oil and then they will adjust the clock for you.
As I age, I confront the ever-expanding array of things that I most likely will never understand. I have added this post to the list, and will ponder it no further.
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