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Listing a "Made in Japan" 7002-7001 150m Diver which is In very good condition for a 29-year old watch

-All-original, unpolished/ untouched specimen (case, dial, hands, bezel, movement, crystal, case back)
-Case with finish/ milling tool lines still present
-"MADE IN JAPAN" written on dial and "JAPAN" stamped on case back
-Black dial with correct dial code: MADE IN JAPAN 7002- 700L R "Daini"; has a smudge on the center of the dial (probably from the previous service) that cannot be seen easily, but it's there. I have added 2 close-up photos in daylight for your inspection.
-Dial text "WATER RESIST" and "150m"/ "17 JEWELS" still in very vibrant red-orange and white colors, respectively
-Black bezel insert and distinctive large pip is in excellent shape
-Serial: 20xxxx (October 1992)
-Bezel rotates bi-directionally with strong clicks
-17-jewel 7002 movement was professionally serviced 18-Sept 2021 to ensure buyer will have a properly working watch
-Readings from the shop shows very good rate, amplitude, and beat error parameters (dial up, dial down, 3-up)
-This sale is for watch and aftermarket rubber strap only

$300 net - shipment included (DHL Express 2-3 days to CONUS)
Other locations can be negotiated

I am a private seller and do not offer/ imply any warranty and do not offer returns
Please view the high resolution pictures closely as these are to be your guide in this sale as well
Plenty of positive references here in SCWF and WUS - Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation

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