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Seiko Lord Matic case style question

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I have this Seiko LordMatic (see pic later this post) and I do like the style of the case very much. Now I have some questions about this and hope you can help.
First I would like to know what bracelet this watch had original. Lug size is 19mm and I guess it had a bracelet.
Next, did this case design also made it trough the Seiko quartz models from the 80´s, would love to see some of those. All info is welcome, thanks.

Details of this LordMatic :
Case No 5606-7050
Produktion date july 1969

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Hey there,

Here's my 5606-7050 with a split day/date. Bracelet fits like it's orginal. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the info. I like the split day/date on your LM.
B.t.w the bracelet on the 12'o clock side is placed upside down.
LOL you are right about the bracelet.. :D

Changing it now!! Thanks for the heads-up
You are welcome ! Now it really "fits like it's orginal".
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