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Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are!

Just nabbed a "ticker tape" 0674-5009 off ebay and am eagerly awaiting its arrival given that I guess you could call this my first collectible watch. The watch [or rather, photos of the watch] show scratching to the bezel, crystal and just generally all over. Im confident with polishing the scratches out however I think the crystal might be beyond saving.

-Where can I source one from? Apparently the part number is BA0V22GN. New or aftermarket is fine.

-Disassembly to polish the bezel etc - should i risk doing this given that I am yet to pull a watch apart, or is it definately a case of dont touch it till you know what you are doing?! I should probably point out that whilst not experienced with watches I am quite "switched on" and mechanically minded enough to be able to pull things apart and reassemble without demolishing it. Having said that i still have no desire to touch the voodoo that is an automatic watch movement just yet haha

-Seller has indicated that the time set button isnt functioning. A search on the forums prior to bidding revealed a thread [for the life of me i cant find it now] that said the OP fixed the problem by adjusting the metal contacts that the buttons pushed on. Strangely, for a watch thats quite well known, havent been able to dig up more info than that. Anyone know if this is the most likely ailment or there may be another issue that requires someone that knows what they are doing to look at it?

Thanks in advance.

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