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Seiko H558 stem

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Anyone know where I can source one? My arnie came with a pretty bad case of the rusticles...

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I was able to salvage the part that goes in the crown though.

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Thanks Seiko Gods, I await your wisdom (pun intended).
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I have a spare baby Arnie stem with the little flipper on the end but I think the baby Arnie stem H556 movement is shorter than the one for the H558.

Hey Michael, ya sadly it is a little smaller and doesn't have the gap to be used with a screw down crown. Thanks though!
I was hoping it was the same. I just bought a baby Arnie that the analog function was dead. I had a complete good H556 in my inventory so I grabbed it. I noticed my spare H556 has the stem and crown in the little baggie with it so I knew I had an extra and I was hoping to solve your problem but I could see from the repair manuals they are two different animals. It looks like the H558 stem is actually two pieces that thread together from the parts lay out but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone has one lying around.

Thanks for trying to help out man. I was able to find one from Jules borel. The price was a bit disgusting.
So I got the new stem. I was so happy. Everything was going great. Putting the watch back together. And then boom, I snapped the new stem!!!! [email protected]&$$&&!!!! 25$ down the drain.
Where did it snap? If there are some threads left, a stem extender may save you. What is the tap size?
Man that sucks! The stem does have that weird end. It has those two paddles that it uses from the digital adjustments that stick out. Maybe they did not get lined up when the stem was inserted? At least you can replace the stem with another $25 bucks. Imagine if it was a part that was discontinued that just snapped. Now that would really suck!

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Watch completed. Missing stem. Not bad. Was debating if I should redo the hands.
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I'm sure you did, but a reminder that you have to push the release button when you install the stem , as well.
Good job - finally!
The hands look fine but...the bezel insert could do with replacing.
I replaced one for a friend. I found one on ebay(a seller with various bezel inserts) that, while not original was the right size and looked the part:)
Still looking. Add to that a bezel. Don't ask what happened.
hey there is a bezel on the bay right now..reasonable too..very nice looking watch...God Bless John
Hey John thanks for the heads up. It's for the h601 Arnie. Don't think it will fit the h558. Unless it's another one I can't see.
well contact Rob from Monster watches....when i had mine...he had a nos bezel with insert and some other parts for the H601 in stock...God Bless John
Still looking. Add to that a bezel. Don't ask what happened.
Would this stem be for the H558-5000 as there is one on the bay UK site?

Yes it is David. Thanks will check it out
Na that's the stem post. Have that. I need the actual stem
I can't reply to your pm, I still need to reach 5 posts...
I only have the Male post, and I haven't seen very many female posts around.

Also I just ordered a replacement bezel insert form yobokies, dagaz used to have them as well but they are now discontinued. I don't think you can go wrong with yobokies though.

Good luck with the parts search, I know only too well how hard it gets to obtain those last few pieces....
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