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Seiko H127 Digi Ana

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H127 dual time digi ana

These H127-5000's are possibly the most sought after digital-analog watches Seiko made. They were the first digital-analog model produced by Seiko and were released in 1979.

Dual times were all the rage in the late 1970s with Omega releasing the first famous digi-ana , Albatros 1976 for the Montreal Olympics. Other manufacturers were also working hard to come up with something utilizing the new quartz and LCD technology. In 1978 Citizen released the 8900 ( that later morphed into the over-the-top robot face series - that Seiko imitated with the H249). Tissot released the refined TS X2 in 1979 with sponsorship of Lotus for Formula 1 racing.
Seiko released the H127 1979 as a more elegant and refined version of these earlier chunky models and it was produced through to 1982. Way back in 1980 it cost 25000 Yen.

• Gold with black dial
• Stainless with black dial
• Stainless with white dial

Model number
H127-500A model no. DFH016

YA-100 thinner links
C-023 wider links
B-1424 clasp

Contains a LCD module operating at 32kHz, The analogue was driven by a 2 pole stepper motor and a 8jewel system. All this was packaged in a relatively small 27 x 30mm case. The mean monthly rate was to +/- 10 seconds / month.

It encompassed Time, Calender, Counter, Stop watch. The stop watch had the option of 12 hours to the second, or 1/100ths of a second up to 20min.
The manual is available from the Digital Watch Forum

I’ve seen supposed original boxes in blue, black and brown. There seems to be lots of changes in these and imagine the dealer just gave customers whatever they had available on the shelf.

Copying is the highest form of flattery. A couple of very close look-alikes were made by Trafalgar and Armitron

Thanks to all the fantastic websites for all the info. Appreciate updates where Ive gone wrong!
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Hi ...
...Very interesting model...Actually very similar to the Citizen Series Cal No 8980-8988 produced since the early eighties to mid-nineties. The entire series was named as Citizen Analog Digital Temperature ( Citizen Ana Digi Temp ). Production was resumed - but according to me, the first Citizen Ana Digi Temp watches were the most interesting, like your Seiko H127 from Machine.
Model such as the one in the picture has an Automatic Calendar (1980 - 2019). It's hard to tell who drew inspiration from whom : probably the design process was parallel.
An interesting description of all aspects is on
CITIZEN Ana Digi Temp :

by courtesy and permission of the site owner

Citizen Expert
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i was one of the first in the Netherlands owning that Seiko. had to wait for it till the jewelry did get it in shop. used it many,many years at my job.
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