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Looks like they have done it again.

How many out there have alignment issues?

I have now seen first hand 6 of these (3 of 2 of the models)

And 3 of them have had quite bad alignment issues - between the dial and hour indices.

I believe it was the Sawtooth on which Seiko first started producing the indices separate to the dial. This is a cheaper method of production than the accuracy required for the 'pick and place' of traditional indices applied directly to a dial. Making an accurate injection moulded plastic index ring is cheap and easy.

However, they appear not to have bothered too much attention to the alignment betwixt the dial and index ring. As the new Kinetics have printed indices that are meant to match up to the injection moulded ring, any misalignment is easy to see.

But on one i saw, it was horrendous - probably 0.6 / 0.7 mm.

The thickness of the injected index ring in some ways hides the issue due to parallax error. But viewed straight on, it aint pretty.

The issue is seen with the chevron indices at 12 , 3 , 6 and 9. The printed lines on the dial should hit the centre of the plastic chevrons.

On 50% of the ones i have seen, they dont. But as is the norm with these errors, they aren't consistent around the dial. On some watches, 1 or 2 of them match up, on others they don't.

Pretty poor me thinks.

Seiko must do better

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I've noticed this on most modern Seiko divers. I love my modern divers, but it's hard to unsee these cases once you notice them. Doesn't seem like a difficult problem to address (there are many where it is right) so it seems like there should be a manufacturing solution.
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