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Seiko female's stainless steel bracelet watch, info please

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Hello and thanks for accepting my request to join.
I just recently purchased a stainless steel ladies bracelet style watch by Seiko and would appreciate some info on it please.
It's fairly plain with a solid band of steel which clips at the watch.
There is no second hand and a fairly plain face in white.
The numbers on it are: 4N3833 then below is 11-0970
The screen has a crack and I am considering getting this replaced I'd the watch has some value.
I tried attaching pics but had no luck from my phone.
Hope someone can help,
Thanks, Damo


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Hi, and welcome.
It's not really worth a great deal - it's an 11-0970 model - maybe November '74 or '84. You can trawl through the Seiko catalogues if you want to find it's model number
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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