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Seiko display....

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Hi all,
I managed to get my hands on some of the parts from the modern Seiko shop window displays today. Hoping to get the aluminium and clear blue acryilic blocks also, fingers crossed. With the box came a zip lock bag containing about 30 display watch holder, more than i can ever use. Maybe need to get more watches.

Anyway had to share my good luck, apologies for the bad photo. will try and add another later that also has my watches. The wife is realy happy that i now have this, NOT!

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Thanks really nice. You can have all kinds of fun with that.

When you start posting, show some of your watchs with them ;D

Hi Guys,
Here's a Pulsar Counter Top Watch Display Case I bought last year you might like to see.


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Excellent. Nice to get some display items. All good fun!
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