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The following Rules are a subset and addition to the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum’s Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum Terms Of Service And Use. All abbreviations used but not defined in these Seiko Citizen Trading Posting Rules (the “Rules”) shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms.

The Seiko Citizen Trading Post (“SCTP”) is primarily a venue for Forum collectors and hobbyists to buy, sell, and trade timepieces from brands owned by Japanese watch companies, as well as various watch accessories. The SCTP is provided as a courtesy to Forum members. Neither the SCWF, this Site, its owners, employees or the SCWF staff are responsible for the content, claims, or results of any transaction conducted as a result of an advertisement posted in the SCTP. All sales, trades and purchases made through SCTP are the sole responsibilities of the individual parties involved – in other words, trade at your own risk. You may email any SCWF staff members to report problematic trading partners on the SCTP, but do not expect them to act as mediators in any disputes. Any Forum members or outside parties wishing to list items for sale or trade, who respond to any listing in the SCTP, and/or who engage in any transactions listed in the SCTP, agree to abide and be bound by all Forum Terms and Rules and by the following:

1. NO AUCTION POSTS or links of any kind are allowed and no links to off-site sales/store websites, notifications of auctions, posting of auction numbers, or links to items offered on other websites or forums.

2. SEVEN DAY WAITING PERIOD if the watch or watch related item you wish to sell or trade has been the subject of a post elsewhere on SCWF, with or without photos.

3. Any item listed in the SCTP must be in the possession of the seller/trader at the time of the posting. In other words, no posting an item you just bought or intend to buy and do not yet have in your possession.

4. Title (subject line) of all posts MUST indicate FS, FSOT, WTT, WTB, or FREE and with a brief description of the item(s) or service(s) being offered along with its PRICE (if an item is being offered FS or FSOT). Please, no added "windings" or other visual hooks such as CAPS or !!!. If more than one item is being offered for sale in a single sales post, posting the prices on the title is considered to be more important than claims such as "RARE," "MINTY," etc.

5. It is required that the body of every post on SCTP MUST INCLUDE:
  • The asking price for the service or items being offered for sale, or a trade equivalent (plus any additional monetary consideration that may apply) for items being offered for trade.
  • Clear pictures showing the current condition of the actual item being offered. All pictures must be the seller’s own and not borrowed from a third party or prior owner of the item being offered. Please limit your photo sizes so that they fit within the forum's layout.
  • Clear and specific information regarding acceptable payment methods.
  • A thorough, accurate and realistic description of the item being offered and its condition. (The use of TimeZone’s popular rating scale is not a substitute for a proper description.)
EXCEPTION: Those listings identified as "OFFERS INVITED" do not need a price listed in the subject line or in the body of the post.​
It is suggested that participants also include the following in their offers:​
  • Information regarding geographical locations to which you will sell (e.g., CONUS Only, US and Canada, Worldwide, Not to Europe, etc.).
  • Contact information (if a seller prefers to be contacted through the Forum’s private messaging system, please indicate this in the listing).
  • Clear shipping information, costs, and preferences, such as shipping options, different shipping methods used for specific destinations or preferred shipping destinations and whether additional charges may apply.
Participants who do not include all of the required information in Rules 4 and 5 above will have their posts deleted and may have their SCTP trading privileges suspended.

6. DO NOT REMOVE PRICES FROM YOUR LISTINGS AFTER AN ITEM SELLS OR IS WITHDRAWN AND DO NOT REMOVE THE CONTENTS OF THE LISTING. Traders are encouraged to edit your post(s) to mark an item SOLD or TRADED or WITHDRAWN in the subject line, but do not remove/alter the listed sales price or the contents of the post after an item is sold, traded or withdrawn. If you do, you put your trading privileges at risk and the Moderators will restore the information.

7. Once every 24 hours (based upon timestamp of original/previous posting) a trader may "bump" an unsold/untraded item to the top of the SCTP by replying to his/her post. *

8. You may only have five (5) active posts on the SCTP at a time (including "bumps") and no more than five (5) items per post. "Active posts" means the cumulative total of all your SCTP posts regardless of whether they are posted as FS, FSOT, WTT, or WTB. This posting limit includes commercial sellers. If more than five (5) posts by a single trader are found to be active, the mods will remove the most recent post.

9. Non-Japanese watches may only be offered as a trade consideration (WTT) for a Japanese watch. All WTT posts must describe the watch(es) being offered (including photos) and the watch(es) desired.

10. Weapons or weapons related items of any kind may not be listed for trade or sale anywhere in the SCTP.

11. NO "PROMOTING" - in other words, do not post links to SCTP offers on the Forum or its sub-forums.

12. Do NOT list any fake or counterfeit replica watches or accessories. Homage or "sterile" watches without false branding (for trade) and modified Japanese watches (for any transaction type) are acceptable.

* Note: All second-party replies to SCTP posts have been stopped by the forum's software. All communications between traders should be accomplished via:
  • SCTP's personal messaging system, which is accessed by clicking on a member's login name and using the "send private message" choice in the pulldown menu that appears.
All sellers have access to the Site’s personal messaging system, so there is no excuse for not being able to reach them or for them to claim that they are not getting your messages.

Please remember that SCTP participants are an international audience. Please factor that into response times to emails, personal messages or any other communications with traders, and keep in mind that many may speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language. The SCWF staff will remove posts they consider offensive, in bad taste, or otherwise inappropriate or not in keeping with the Terms and Rules. Best of luck with all your transactions. If you have any questions feel free to contact any SCWF staff member via the Forum’s private messaging system. You may also use the "Report to Moderator" option associated with every post on these forums.
Practice caution and remember: CAVEAT EMPTOR ("Let the Buyer Beware"). Ask questions. "Buy the seller" and use common sense in your dealings.

Please use the "Report to Moderator" link
at the bottom left of the post to inform us of questionable posts/responses. This sends a message to each moderator and allows us to quickly respond. Thank you.
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