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Seiko Bullhead Fishbone Bracelet?

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Are all of the Seiko Bullhead Fishbone Bracelets different diameters on the outer part of each end? I like the look and was thinking of putting one on a Seiko Bellmatic 4006-6029. I understand the lug diameter is 20mm and I planned on grinding it down to fit the Bellmatic. I learned the outer flange diameter of one side is larger than the other. Designed to fit the odd shape of the Bullhead.

Are they all designed the same?

Has anyone had the experience of grinding down the outer flange to fit a smaller watch head?

Or is it even noticeable?
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Not only would it be the endpiece, but the first link is also wider. Aftermarket bracelets typically have both ends the same, so that may be your best bet

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There is the Bullhead version: Z040S where the last fishbone links are different sizes on each part of the bracelet where it meets the case. But there is also the Helmet fishbone strap: Z050S which should be the same on both sections.

On both the lug size on each end is 19mm.
Thank you for the Information as always

Thank you for the Information as always. :)
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