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Here is something I have not come across until now. If it is already in our Forum repository, please delete.

Seiko Australia apparently did a complete Manual of 32 pages on how to size different bracelets, use the various clasps, etc.

I especially like this part:

( I ) General Information
  1. Before you start sizing the bracelet:
    1. Understand the structure of the bracelet, know what kind of parts are involved
    2. Prepare all the necessary tools
  2. Even for the same method of sizing, there may be some variation of parts' shapes.
  3. Place watch on a soft surface so that the case, crystal, and bracelet will not be scratched.
  4. Before sizing, accurately measure the length to be adjusted.
  5. Bracelet should be adjusted on both ends so that the clasp is in the appropriate position of the wrist.
    (Bracelet with a sliding clasp will be adjusted only at one end.)
  6. Some bracelets have very small parts. Be careful not to lose them.
  7. Save the detached links for possible future use.

if only everyone would adhere to these guidelines... ;)


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