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Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-7000 (7030 T) .... the forgotten Business Bell

Some time ago I had the opportunity to read a ranking, compiled by Hermann (Starsometing), which indicated the Bell-Matic rarest products:

"These are, IMO, the six most rare models (with rarity decreasing from top to bottom):

1. Nov1966 4006-7000, 7000T Diashock-Dial, Dolphin Caseback
2. 21J 4006-7019
3. Dec1966/Jan1967 4006-7000, 7000T Diashock-dial
4. 21J 4006-7029
5. 4006-7010 7040T 'Business Bell'
6. All calibre 4005A Belles

Just my 2 cts ;-)


then ... in addition to print and attach on my bed the list, I began to hunt, i have a little passion for this line of Seiko, trying to bring home some prey respectable

... to enrich my collection.

For my part, for now I could ringed only the fifth (4006-7010 Bell Business, dial 7040T) and sixth (4005-7000 with blue dial)



... but it's not what I want to tell you about ...

Always looking .... dredging Japanese auctions ... it is out of a surprise: a 4006-7000 ... WITH BUSINESS BELL DIAL ... (although in a terrible state) ..... I had never


As my experience is wide ... admitting my ignorance I went looking for a watch like that ....but not find him. I thought it was a "Frankie" ... a combination of different

clocks ... as often happens with Bell-matic, and gave up.

He spent some time and while I was able to access the database of photos of Fabio (fmc000) ... among which I came across an deplian representing ... in GREAT company ...

(first clock on the left front row) a Bell ... 4006-7000 ... with the simbol of business bell ....

... but unfortunately the picture is not very clear .... these two information together have given me the confidence that the model in question is really existed ...
... when I saw another 4006-7000 on sales with business dial, I had no hesitation ........ must to be mine!

... I thought that if there were two equal Watch and one Depliand .... had to be necessarily a good watch ... and rare.

unfortunately... I had not realized it was the same watch already discovered ... seller had started the restoration .... so bad.

So the idea of "Frankie" had returned .... But to dispel any doubt, fortunately, the dial is different from that of 4006-7010 ..... has a own code .. ... "4006 AD 7030T"

... different from the "4006 AD 7040T"

* ... Then the serial number on the bottom inserts it into the right period of production: the Business-Bell were marketed only towards the second half of 1967 and only

for that year.

Fun Event: when I showed a photo to Guru-friend Hermann ... here is his comment:

"@ Mauro: I'll be damned, I always believed the 7030T dial was either a myth or just a prototype that never made it into production. NEVER seen one of these before, I

guess I will have to update my "Bell-rarities" list :)

Looking forward to more info on this!


(Please, Hermann what do you mean: a "myth or just a prototype" ?... can you give some addictional information on this dial)

Clock analysis shows some interesting notation, although roughly resumes to the canons of all 4006-7000.

* The bottom "water Proof" (besides having the 7 nunber, to the 1968 already we find only six digits) has a different shape compared to 4006-7010 BB (same period) and to

4006-7000 dolphin (than 6 months more older)

Seiko produced before a bottom curved dolphin in late 1966, then in May 1967 we have a body "jagged" ... but at the same time, for 4006-7010, a curved bottom, different

than the dolphin, then .... in 1968 we only bottom jagged ... even for the 4006-701x

4006-7000 BB bottom

4006-7010 curved bottom

4006-7000 dolphin bottom

4006-7000 to 1968 "jagged"

Graphics pad very similar ... perhaps slightly different font.

The crown is of a type similar to the 4006-7010 BB ... other than that which it will adopt then in subsequent editions in almost all Bell (although on this there would do

rely.... i think has been replaced)

to the left of the 4006-7000 Code 55W06N .... oldest. The other should be code 55M06N ...the most common.

This must be the original bracelet: in bars, bend curve, ... and, different all other Bell, measuring 18 mm.

Thanks for the attention.

Please excuse my bad English, but I'm Italian ... and a naughty student.

Thanks (and a greeting) to Fabio and to Hermann that allowed me to buy a watch is unique in Italy and .... certainly very rare in the world.

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Keith you are terrible ... ;)

First you have the most epic collection of 4006-7000 in all of history! :eek:

Second you destroyed my (fanciful) theory that that flyer proves the existence of the 4006-7000 business bell ... ...:mad:

FORTUNATELY you have found a beautiful specimen too ... so if one is a theory ... two are proof! Thank you very much ... I have felt alone in these 6 years! ahahahah :D

Meanwhile, I found a bracelet for the 7000 series ... and I mounted it馃槑


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Welcome Back m4uro! 馃槂馃槂馃槂

Very happy to see you back as I was hoping one day you would see that another " Forgotten Business Bell" has appeared!

Nice to see you still have yours along with finding the original "Chiclet" style bracelet that looks great. Still cannot believe I managed to get mine! The minute I saw the auction listing, I went straight to the pictures to check if the dial was a 7030T!

Speaking of Business Bells.... have you still got that black dial BB?馃槈
Thanks Kaith.... Of course I have yet ....and I also found a nice original rice grains bracelet ... soon I will open a post ... and take some pictures of my... black pearl

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