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I have resisted buying watches that I do not like but sometimes it is needed to keep the collection in decent shape. The Seiko collaborations with designers like Giugiaro, Sottsass and Hysek are an important part of Seiko history. The Giugiaro watches came in two distinct periods, an early one in 1983 with watches like the Alien and a later one in 1996 consisting mainly of the Macchina Sportiva branded watches. The early period had a lot of groundbreaking designs (where the design often seemed to be guided by purpose of use rather than the second series that has "design for the sake of design") but often suffered from bad construction or materials. The second series has proven to be better quality and longer lasting but do not contain any really memorable designs. The below 7T32 Macchina Sportiva is a good example and one of the most common of the second series watches. It is available in a lot of colours and versions with both straps and bracelets. Its design has however dated rather quickly and there are a few things that were not so well considered. For example, it has a very good waterproof sharkskin design strap but why did it have to have the integrated design with the link between the case and the strap (strap size is about 16mms so it is possible to adapt a normal strap). Also, the case design with the gills on the sides is not particularily successful. Colour choices were things like olive, orange and bright blue which, even in the 90s, did not seem like the most modern.

The best one in this series is the black version with red accents with a strap that is particularily successful. Unfortunately, this watch is much less common than the blue and orange versions.

/ martin
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