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Authored by flawless51
The green Alpinist has long been my grail watch. My first post on this forum, two years ago, was actually to ask "What's a good watch for a geographer?". After a quest for about a year, this was it. It has the exact old-world-explorer look to it that I am always looking for in a product. When I had the opportunity to buy one LNIB, I bought it, since I like the new Alpinists a lot less. Never know if the iconic SARB017 will become extinct on the sales forums soon.

The most striking feature of the SARB017 Alpinist is the sunburst green dial. The shade of green seems to change depending on the angle, and the applied gold numerals are very reflective and easy to read. On top of each numeral, there is a highly luminous sphere of quality Seiko lume. The cathedral hands uniquely suit the Alpinist and aid with the overall old-world-explorer look to it.

Moving the internal rotating compass bezel is smooth and simple, with no need to unscrew or pull out the lower crown. I find that many people complain about compass bezels. However, I quite like this one, as I think it is what differentiates the Alpinist from other watches, and defines it as a "land watch". It is also a very small and very tasteful bezel that is not noticable on first glance.

The diameter of the watch is fairly small (at approximately 38mm), but it fairly chunky with both its thickness, and with with protruding crown protector.



A deeply machined "S" marks the main crown, and a pressed-in intrusion marks the compass crown at the bottom. Unlike many signed crowns, the machined "S" on this is highly visible.


The case feels very heavy duty, and the sapphire crystal seems thick, and does not even make a clink when you tap on it. The 200m WR seems to back up its strength. It is finished with much attention to detail. The case back has the mountain Alpinist logo machined into it nicely, and the stainless steel is brushed beautifully in concentric circles.

The 6R15 movement is staying within spec, right now at +8 seconds a day. I expect it to remain consistent.

The only complaint I have about the watch, is the use of the 6R15 over the 4S15 in the previous generation. In a watch that is finished so perfectly, it would be suited for a higher end movement. With the 8L35 reserved for its big brother, the Landmaster, it would be nice to have the 4S15 remain in the Alpinist. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll dig up an old 5206/5216 movement (which the 4S15 is based on) and see if someone on the forum is willing to try a transplant. On a green Alpinist type of expedition, you never know when you'll find a proper clock to sync it to - justifying the use of a chronometer spec movement. [img]

All in all, the SARB017 is still my favourite. 10/10.
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