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I have had a bit of a disaster with my trusty old watch. I forgot to take it off in the pool and it misted up, when it dried out the glass still looked a bit hazy so I thought I'd be clever and clean it. BIG mistake.

I now have 5 tiny hands (which all fell off) and try as I might I have no idea how to replace them. The dial face doesn't seem to push back far enough to expose the spindles.

Is there anyone here who can help or is it a case of calling it a day and (after more than 20 years) binning it.

Somewhere along the line a battery change was carried out and they left the case back sealing ring out - that will be why it misted up!

Grateful of any help/advice!

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Welcome. All is not lost you will need to remove the dial to see what is obstructing the dial from seating. Second check the movement runs then refit the hands. Otherwise its a replacement movement from a donor watch. Good Luck

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The dial is a push fit onto the movement, it has two small feet like this:

that locate into holes in the movement (the holes are in plastic and are an interference fit)

you have to be very careful when fitting the dial into these holes, if they are misaligned then you run the risk of bending or breaking off one or both dial feet.

There is also a plastic spacer between the dial and the movement, like this:

(note - this is from a 7T34, but the 7Txx series are all very similar in build).

The sub-dial hand spindles do not stick out from the dial. This isn't the best shot but yours should look like this:

(again, a 7T34 but yours will look very similar)

Fitting the hands just takes care:

and some hand setting tools. The hardest part is lining them up.

Are the main hands still on your watch?

Does it still work? (i.e. do the main hands move and keep time). If not, then fitting the sub-dial hands won't help things.
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