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This one actually was the first nice watch I ever bought so it has a fairly large sentimental value for me, but I will try to write a review anyway.

I bought this watch when I was around 16 years old, to get the money to buy it, I had worked a whole summer with my father, selling spices.
When I bought it everyone still used watches, and not like today when most people use their mobile phones instead. Mobile phones did exist but it was only the yuppies who could afford them. Digital watches was the coolest one could wear, a few years earlier, but was now considered to be something for kids. Swatch had showed up not so many years ago and I had owned a few but, thought it was time to get me a better more ”adult” watch.

I bought it new at a local watchmaker and back then it cost me around 200 euros. I don’t know how much that equals to in today's money but for me it was quite a lot of money back then. The criteria I had when looking for my new watch was: easy to read, chronographs function and date. Mechanical watches I did not even know what it was, so the choice was more digital or analog.

I used this watch for about 12 years, it was always with me I wore it during the day and when sleeping, about the only time when I took it off was sometimes when showering. I used it at school where I trained myself to a mechanic, I wore it the first time I got drunk, the first time I had a woman, it served me well in hot and cold, at work, in my leisure time in better and worse. I have been swimming, snorkeling, steam bathing with it. it has been covered with oil and grease it has taken several bumps and scratches over the years, and been exposed to extreme amounts of UV radiation when arc welding, but just continued to go and go.

But a some years ago after I had been steam bathing with a couple of friends and some beer I notice some condensation on the inside of the glass (crack in the crystal had let the moisture enter). And 6 months later it stopped and I put it in a cupboard and began to use the mobile phone as a clock like everyone else did.

__________________________________________________ ________


- width: 35mm
- thickness: 9mm
- lug width: 19mm
- lug end to lug end: 42mm

The watch is a quarts 30 min chronograph with alarm function which also can double as a second time zone it has a small date window and a tachymeter scale. The 12 a clock sub dial is the chronograph minutes, 9 a clock sub dial is constant second, 6 a clock sub dial alarm/second time zone. It has 2 crowns and 1 pusher on the right side and 2 pushers on the left. The extra crown is for setting the time on the alarm dial also on and off alarm.

The case is stainless steel with a snap on back. I don’t know what kind of material the crystal is. It has held up to the abuse I have put it trough really well, of course it has some scratches but not that much considering what it has been trough.

On the back it says water resistant and though I have never had it deeper than 10 meters while snorkeling but think it has performed well in keeping water out. That is until it got that crack in the crystal and wore it in the sauna.

The bracelet it came on was a folded link 19mm tapering down to 16mm and 2 mm thick, by now it is really loose but it was one of the most comfortable bracelets I have ever worn. But I guess it get´s comfortable when one has worn it for 10 years

Today 35+ watches and several years later I would like to repair this watch so I can use it again since it was my "first" watch. I have brought it to my local watchmaker which said he could not repair it because the 7t32 movement was discontinued.

So after some eBay surfing I bought this gold colour version which should have a healthy movement in it. Used it for about a week to try it out and then the chrono function died but the crystal looks fine so I guess I can salvage that.

Ps: If anyone has a NOS or in good condition 7t32 movement you can sell for a reasonable price please pm me.
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