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This model is the ONLY one in the 7019 family with an external rotating bezel. From my research, this model is only produced for 2 months in Feb, Mar of 1970 and only available inside Japan. So, it is quite rare to get, even in Yahoo.JP. Any member who knows any production date other than Feb,Mar of 70 are welcomed to speak out.
- Movement information/review. I consider this model is the hardest to find Daini made 60s skin divers (with external bezel).
The 7019A movt has 21 jewels which is considered high in sports Seikos. It has 4 extra diaflex or diashock setting on the top and bottom of its 4th & escape wheel as per some uTube review. I am a watch repair nuts but This extra cap setting is cool & should be a sign of good quality.
Spencer Klein speaks very high of the 7 movt in 1 of his uTube video about 7002 diver. He sd since the 7s movt has a smaller balance wheel than the 6s movt, wear on lower arbor plate is seldom seen as opposed to the 6s movt. And with servicing, the 7 movt is capable of very good accuracy.
- Dial review
The printing is in silver ink - has a granular texture upon 60X look. Hour indices are twin raised metal flat bar with a flat lume in between. Dial code at bottom marked "JAPAN 7019 -8060R". Above 6 o'clock marked "SPORTS, water 70m PROOF, 21 Jewels". Hands is slightly tapered, ridged type. chrono hand has a small brass grommet at centre. Double black day(Kenji)-date wheels.
- Case review
There is a special thing about this model, in 1 original specimen found (shown in last 2 photos), the side-face and the bracelet is mirror polished whereas the side/edge has a very coarse vertical gain finishes.
- Crystal review
The correct crystal as far as i know is 320W10GN which is the same used for 6105.
- Bracelet/strap
As with other 60's skin divers, the original bracelet is more hard to find than the watch head. I bought the bracelet separately but it is without the original endlink, I will try to custom one myself. I remembered Seiko hoarder has one complete.
- Bezel review
Non-click, Sliding, fiction type rotating bezel as with others skin divers of the period. Every 5 min black marking on a silver background on the insert. The teeth on the external bezel is small teeth, straight type. the marking printing seems to run till the cut edge - I don't know how it can be done - but can be impossible to reproduce today.

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Hoarder-I learnt a lot from yours write-up. Agree - the bezel insert of this model is very attractive - & rare. Do U think/ agree the original condition of the lugs & bracelet is of mirror finish ?
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