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Seiko 6r15 Mechanical Watches in Low Supply??

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Chino added the following entry to his blog today:

I twitterd before,Inventories of SEIKO Mechanical watches (especially with6R15)are very rare now.They have disappired on many shops in Tokyo_Our SEIKO's staff says to us,"Please wait for a month,New products will come at the end of this month"SEIKO make mechanical watches once for a month.SEIKO have a lot of back orders of them.This condition will be continued for some time.It is not convenient to get your order.Please understand this cituation. Anyway we will try to do best.Before you order some,Please check the inventory of your order's watch
Discuss. :-\
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Hope this is only temporary. As it stands, the weak Dollar and strong Yen aren't making buying JDM watches easy on the wallet. In the short term, the best time to buy JDM (current models) was last year or the year before and so on.
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