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Author: Cafetempo

Below is a great review of the somewhat uncommon and very interesting 6M26 Auto calendar, from by Evan/Cafetempo from SCWF. the review has been reposted with his permission.

Also, here is the User manual for that movement:


And here is the technical/Repair Manual for it:


The 6M26 Auto-Calendar: the coolest quartz watch ever?

At first glance, this watch seems like a normal dress-style timepiece with a very understated and simple layout; however, you will notice the two pushers on the left side of the case.

This is the Seiko Auto-Calendar which is a Japan only model equipped with a fascinating quartz calibre 6M26. This watch has a 1/10th second chronograph with split time, a countdown timer, automatic-calendar and alarm.

The functions of the watch are directed via the setting crown and the window to the left of the date displays its mode. One rotation of the crown will change the mode the watch is in.


Setting the time is extremely easy with this piece because when the crown is pulled out during TIME mode, the second hand flies back to the zero position and one push on the top pusher will advance the minute hand in one minute increments. The lower pusher advances the hour hand. The fact that the second hand zeroes makes it very easy to synchronize the time.


Shown below is the watch in alarm setting mode, and currently it indicates that the alarm is set to 10:30. What happens is that when the mode is switched, the hands will quickly rotate to the appropriate positions. The top pusher advances the minute hand and the bottom one advances the hour.


In the Chronograph mode, all the hands converge at 12, moving smoothly from their original positions. In this mode, the second hand becomes the 1/10 second indicator, the minute becomes the second indicator and the hour hand turns into the minute indicator.

What makes the chronograph mode so fascinating is how the 1/10 second hand races to the10 second position and jumps back to the 12o?clock position every second.

Below, the chronograph has been stopped and it indicates an elapsed time of 33 and 8/10 of a second (the photograph?s angle may obscure the indicator).


In the timer mode, all hands converge at 12 once again and to set the time for countdown, simply depress the lower pusher to the appropriate time. In the picture below, it shows that the timer was set to 10 minutes for countdown and was started 7 seconds ago. The second hand and minute hand rotate counter-clockwise during timer mode!


The date mode indicates the month. As can be seen below, the hands converge at 4, indicating the month of April. To set the date and month, simply pull out the crown and the top pusher will advance the month and the bottom one will advance the date. You only need to do this on a leap year February!

The solid link bracelet is quite nice, but the folded end links detract from it. The watch is very light and comfortable. The case measures 37mm in diameter and the watch itself is styled similarly to the vintage King Seiko. The 6M26 movement has not been produced for a while and seems as if it has been discontinued. Hopefully in the future, Seiko may re-release this movement with a solar powered function. The only drawback I see to this movement is its potential to consume battery, as the hands do a great deal more work than the typical quartz watch.

The Seiko Auto-Calendar is a fascinating little watch with the coolest quartz analogue movement I have ever seen. I particularly like the fact that a simple looking 3-hand watch is capable of so many functions.

Thanks for reading!


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Was lucky enough to find the dark-blue-dialed model in excellent condition back in 2007. ;D

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Thanks, Librarian2, for re-posting that review from the "old" SCTF. IMHO, that's the "gold standard" for 6M26 reviews and hard for any other 6M26 owner to top it.
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