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For those of you who remember, some time ago TXAndy, Kevin MC and myself got together for some tinkering and produced this:,423.0.html

When we were done making the Doxeiko, we had a bunch of 6309 parts left over and used them to make a couple of watches. Andy kept one and I kept this one:

The watch was made up of the case from a 6309-7290; the dial from a 6309-7040 (with original lume that has aged into a nice cream color); aftermarket hands; Roman day wheel; nylon aftermarket big dot insert; and a Panerai strap.

The watch looked well enough, but never really moved me. I liked it too much to get rid of it, but not enough to wear it frequently. One day I was staring at it and decided that it was time to do something about it. I figured I?d take advantage of the round 7040 indices and ordered a honey colored Hirsch Rally strap (which BTW is one of the nicest straps I have ever seen). I widened the lug wholes so it could use fat spring bars. I then ordered a Stainless Steel GMT insert from Bill Yao. I had to file down the insert a smidge in order to get it to fit. After mounting the parts I was astounded at the end result. Let me just say that the final watch looks much better in person than what my poor pictures can capture.

Here are a few pictures of the all new 6309 GMT Rally Mod:

I like it so much it?s been on my wrist all week. What do you think?
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