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The spring attached to the metal spacer, along with the bezel shim, and the tiny washer on the crown/stem assembly are the three most commonly missing/rare parts of the 6309 case assembly for the following reasons.

1- The spring is made of inferior metal and corrodes, and so is often removed during servicing, restoration, or cobbling.

2- The bezel shim is made of very thin metal and is commonly stuck to the original bezel insert, so it's either overlooked or is bent to the point of uselessness, so often removed during replacement of the bezel insert.

3- The crown stem assembly has a spring that commonly corrodes and can need replacement. When removing this spring the tiny washer can be lost, and although the assembly will work without it while in place in the watch, it lacks strength and stability.

Jake B
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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