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Have inherited my dads watch which had been languishing in a plastic bag in a wardrobe since passing away in 1996.
Been forgotten about for over 25 years.
it looks legit and has the Arabic/English day. Checking the date suggest 87 where It ties in with his work as he was in the Middle East all through the 80’s.
It’s in excellent condition with some minor wear which accounts for it not being used for a long time.
It started working as soon as I picked it up and had a look inside which all looks good.
Reading up on it suggest there are many fakes, refurbed. I cannot see this being refurbed and if so must have happened pre 96. It could be fake but doesn’t feel like it is
Any advice would be appreciated
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It is in excellent condition, all original. This is known as the 6309 slim case, they are very rare, especially in this state of conservation.👏👏👏👏👏 :cool:
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