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Seiko 6309-7040 question

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Hi all,

I'm new vintage seikos and to this forum.i apologize if this thread is in the wrong place or have been brought up before.

I have recently acquired my first vintage 6309-7040 from a reputable ebayer. Everything is as described and I love it and have not taken it off for quite some time.

However one thing that's been bugging me is that for the couple of times when I tried to set the time, a habit of mine would be to turn the crown anti clockwise just to get a feel of the crown and then clockwise (not sure if any of u get what I mean).
But for that split second when I turn it anticlockwise, I can see that all the hands start to freeze/lag for the duration that i am turning it anticlockwise, but when I turn it to clockwise the hands will start to move normally.

I am wondering if this is normal or could there be something wrong as I have not had any problems with some of my other cheaper Quartz/automatic watches when adjusting the time, turning clockwise/anticlockwise would allow the hands to turn freely regardless.

Hope some of you can help me clarify this.
Much thanks in advance!
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Welcome.....and enjoy.

The second hand stopping is the back pressure on the movement caused by turning the crown the wrong way and is normal. I don't recommend it but it can be used to hack the watch. About half way down this thread there is an explanation. Try applying less pressure on crown or pulling it out as you wind backwards to stop this.
Sorry for the late response, and thank you so much!
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