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Anything mechanical but like Seikos and Bulovas..
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Hi all,
I have a Seiko 6139-7100 helmet that needs some tlc. I bought it from 'the bay' as needing a little work. Well, on uncasing the movement, it is quite apparent that some has been in there before me.. I will get some photos up, (promise), but I am just wishing to ask about parts for these.

I tried to remove the dial only to discover that the dial feet are not there any more, but even worse is that the dial complete with dial ring has been super-glued to the movement...

Well, that's ok I suppose. I can remove the glue and clean everything up, but it leaves it that I now need a dial and dial spacer.
Would any of you kind people out there know the number of the dial spacer and if it is any different to the other 6139s or is it the same? Also, are there any suppliers of white 7100 dials?
Thanks fellow Seiko fans..
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