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Seiko 6138 Black Bullhead Question

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Hi, all - I have a question for the 6138 experts. I think I'd like to add a black-dialed bullhead to my 6138 collection, and I'm wondering if there are any tell-tale signs that the black dials are replacements - little things like the lack of a beveled window on aftermarket 6309 dials.

I've read Gabe's terrific Bullhead buyers guide, and it points out that no black dials should ever have the Speedtimer designations, but that's about all I could glean.

Most of the Philippine sellers are pretty honest about which watches have replacement dials, but some make claims to originality when the condition seems to good to be true.

Hints, please?
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A couple of other issues worth noting:
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The hash marks in the subregister form a square shaped pattern against the background (see pictures posted by technoman). for some strange reson on many aftermarket dials (though not all) the pattern is printed round.
The blue color of the subregisters and the day/date window is supposed to be a darker steely blue shade. It is never supposed to be bright blue. a lot of aftermarket dials get this wrong.
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