Well, although it was my first time trial, with the arrival of my Ufo, I thought of letting go of the JPS I bought to be able to acquire other different models (man lives not only with 6138)

It is a sincere and original watch, which I bought from its first owner after being stored in a drawer for several years since it did not work properly. It was taken to my trusted watchmaker, and the entire case and bracelet have been cleaned with ultrasound, as well as the automatic mechanism. It has a VTA gasket kit, as well as the button springs. Although I have not measured it, its operation is very good, as well as the power reserve.

Its dial is in very good condition, as well as the lumen of the dial hands and the hour and minute hands.

The second hand has lost part of its paint, and although my watchmaker would have left it very well, I preferred to leave it in original condition.

The glass is also original, and has not been polished. It has some scratches, but nothing that does not allow to read the time well.

The watch is located in Spain and its price is €600.

Regarding the shipment, since I have little experience in it, I would discuss how to send it with the buyer.

Greetings and thanks to the forum for the place to sell.