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Seiko 6138 0010 UFO

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Hi, I need advice on the dial of UFO model. Is the minute register suppose to have orange blocks around the minute track? While every piece has 3 orange blocks on 10, 20 and 30 numerals, a few has orange blocks on the minute track inself, I counted six blocks in addition to the 3 on the numerals. Is that original or modified? Must admit that it looks much more attractive though. Appreciate your comments, please. Thanks.

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It depends on the model. IIRC one of the variants of this watch comes with yellow markers in the subregisters, but the majority come in orange. There is also one variant in whichthe subregister background color is gold.

BTW this model line is called the Yachtman (that is seiko's official nickname), not the UFO - see the original add below:

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JohnN said:
Any idea what movement is in that $75.00 SEIKO Diver??
6105. BTW, assuming that watch dates to 1970, that $75 would be roughly around $425-$450 today. Catalog entries from that same year showing the MSRP at $125 would put the watch at around $700 today.
jameskks said:
Sincerely appreciate the comments and views. Just that it seems like it is not a very conclusive issue???
I thought the replies were fairly conclusive. Are you looking for a full breakdown of all the Yatchman variants (from 6138-0009 to 6138-0015)? If so I don't think one has ever been written, though there is a really old post in the archive somewhere that illustrates the design features of some of the less common variants.
Actually IIRC (and I'm really stretching my memory here) this model cam with both the standard hands and the stubbier pencil hands pictured above. IIRC the pencil hands where used on a very specific variant. I just can't remember the details. Again there is a post in the mirror somewhere that goes into great detail on this point.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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