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Seiko 6138 0010 UFO

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Hi, I need advice on the dial of UFO model. Is the minute register suppose to have orange blocks around the minute track? While every piece has 3 orange blocks on 10, 20 and 30 numerals, a few has orange blocks on the minute track inself, I counted six blocks in addition to the 3 on the numerals. Is that original or modified? Must admit that it looks much more attractive though. Appreciate your comments, please. Thanks.

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Another detail to consider when examining your dial: on the Yachtmans I have, and in the ones posted here, there is a border around the day-date window. Unlike a lot of the 6139 models, this border is not a separate metal piece but rather a painted border. It is pretty subtle as the border is black like dial, the difference being the border paint is glossy/shiny while the dial paint is matte. I don't see this border in your picture.
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