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Seiko 6138 0010 UFO

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Hi, I need advice on the dial of UFO model. Is the minute register suppose to have orange blocks around the minute track? While every piece has 3 orange blocks on 10, 20 and 30 numerals, a few has orange blocks on the minute track inself, I counted six blocks in addition to the 3 on the numerals. Is that original or modified? Must admit that it looks much more attractive though. Appreciate your comments, please. Thanks.

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I have to say that this thread would be infinitely better with a a picture as I cant quite grasp the description you have provided.

What I can tell you is that the minute register (the sub-dial at the bottom) has orange blocks for 10, 20 and 30. The hour register (sub-dial at the top) has an Orange block every other hour.

This is an original 6138-0010 dial (albeit an early one with proof markings under the day/date which changed to resist markings and then to nothing as the years went on..)

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Dial on that one looks after-market to me. I don't recall having seen that checkered pattern before on the minute track, the dial code text is too big and there are no glossy borders around the day/date windows.
Really? They are identical to ones I have seen in ad scans for this watch? Look at the ad scan in this thread posted by Isthmus, it shows these hands as well (shorter minute hand with more blunted ends..). They are also identical to a set of NOS ones I have in my possession. I believe there are at least three different sets of hands that are original to this watch. This set with the shorter minute hand and blunter ends, there is a longer minute hand version (more pointed ends too) and there are also the ones more common on Speedtimer variants as in the picture posted by GarageBoy.

Irrespective, the intention of the thread was to illustrate original dials, which this watch has..

speedtimer said:
wrong hour and minute hands man ???
Can you explain then why these same hands are installed on the Yachtman in this original Seiko ad scan then please?

Anybody else want to weigh in on the originality of these shorter, blunt ended hands, I just don't want someone researching this watch online to hit this thread and get the wrong information.

Oh I'm sorry to take notice at the wrong hand set,but it really is wrong sad to say,that hand set belongs to some Speedtimer Models/Standard models of 6139's,it is shorter and wider than the original set for 6138's,SEIKO never use this hand set for"double chronograph"(6138's).I have seen "MANY" SEIKO CHRONOS IN FLESH :) notice the "not so pointed"end tip which makes it different from the Original 6138 Hand Set.
So while the watch I posted earlier wasn't mine, I do also own a very early 6138-0010 with a proof dial which is below, it also has the stubbier hands, this watch is 100% original also.

So far, the only versions of this watch I have seen these hands on are all very early 0010 models from early 1970, maybe that could be the specific variant.

Actually IIRC (and I'm really stretching my memory here) this model cam with both the standard hands and the stubbier pencil hands pictured above. IIRC the pencil hands where used on a very specific variant. I just can't remember the details. Again there is a post in the mirror somewhere that goes into great detail on this point.
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