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Seiko 6105 with relumed dial?!

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Hi Guys, I'm interested in 6105 all original and untouched, a seller offers to me this 6105, He says that watch is complete original with untouched dial and hands, but in pics seems that dial has been relumed... I'm not an expert on vintage seikos so I need some advice :D

What do you think?!

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Its hard to say really whether thats been relumed or not imo.

Sometimes original lume seems to spread a little and can look like a relume.

What does make me wonder a little is the fact the hands show some corrosion but the lume does not.

Basically not helped you much :)
I agree with John and he should know. My initial reaction was relume but without seeing it close up in the flesh who can tell?
Looks great to me. I think Jack should know, he has relumed a couple of watches for me.

Enjoy it if your purchase goes through.

Either way it looks fine to me, if the price is right then go for it...
if you are going to "chance" it, pay for it as if it was a relume (ie needing a new dial) and expect it to be a relume upon receipt. if it is, you got a fair deal and it if isn't, you got a great deal.

<* shark >>><
Way too much lume smearing over the markers for me. If it's original, it's by far an outlier in that regard. I'd look for another watch.

Hmmm, wondered if I did that but no I'm sure I've not done one yet and got as much over spill as that...

The bezel pip is far more aged than the dial and hands, I'd expect these to be identical.
Thanks so much for all your comments :grin:, What would be a fair deal if the watch was relumed?!
I'm going with a relume...Markers 4 and 5 are blotchy and some of the lume looks built up and rough.
The watch was sold for 800$, finally I have not bought it, I prefer wait for one full original and untouched. Thanks for your help guys!!
I'd have paid $800 for that watch myslef, serviced it and flipped it >

for $1100-$1200.00

There's nothing wrong with it. Trust me.
If your seller is from Philippine....I have reservation if the dial had been just re-lumed..
The seller is from Japan, I know that is a very good price for that piece, but I lost the bid :(
well that was a fair long as nothing else was fooled with
Looks all original to me. I have a few that have never been touched with the lume high up on the minute indice walls.

I can't imagine the person that was luming these dials 40 years ago for a $1 an hour was too concerned about how perfect a collector thought it should be.
Mine is all original but relumed, fully serviced and water proofed to original specs. I was more interested in having a fully functional watch and am totally happy with it

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