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Quite a while back I bought the Seiko SNK809 because I liked the military look it had, and the I like automatics with a military look.
When I received it, I was not surprised by its small size, as I had been well prepared for it by the specs I had read online.
The SNK809 uses the 7S26 Seiko automatics movement with 21 jewels, and in this case it uses the newer 'B' version. I have seen 809's with the older automatic movement.

There are 2 main differences in the SNK809 and the SNZG15. Those are size, and water resistance rating. Both quiet important in a military look watch.
The SNZG15J1 that I have is made in Japan. I bought it locally at a higher price than the non Japanese version mostly because I like to see the 'made in Japan' text on the dial.

The SNZG15 uses the 23 jewel 7S36B movement. Its basically the 7S26 with 2 more jewels.

With these movements, accuracy is a matter of luck. They are within specs, but sometimes you'll get one that is more accurate without needing adjustment, and I am lucky that this was the case with my SNZG15J1, which after the break in period is now a steady +5 sec/day while I am wearing it, and +7 sec/day on the stand with the dial up.

I am going to continue by highlighting the similarities of these 2 watches.


Both watches have a nice military / flieger look, while the cases have a nice brushed metallic appearance.
They both have red tips in the seconds hand, and have cloth straps.
The see through backs on both watches are a plus, as it gives you a nice look into the movement, even though it is not a highly decorated one.
Lume is superb as expected from Seiko. Even the 809 which has smaller amounts applied due to its size, still shines well in the dark and it is easy to see the time.

On to the differences, which are more than one might think.
The SNK809 is small. Its diameter without the crown is almost 37mm. It's water rating is 30 meters. You can not swim with it... However on a positive note, you can wear it and forget its there, it is that light. Lug size is 18mm.
In the inner dial, the hours are shown while in the outer dial one can see the minutes. The second hand does have lume on it, but it is in the opposite direction of where it is pointing.
The strap on the 809 includes 2 rings giving it a zulu strap look that are not present on the SNZG15.
The crown on the 809 is positioned at 4 o'clock and is on the small side. Small enough to become a problem to set the time as it is hard to hold. The SNZG's crown is nice and large and is positioned at 3 o'clock.

The SNZG15 is 42.5mm in diameter without crown. It's lug size is 22mm, giving it a hefty look and feel. It's WR rating is 100 meters. The cloth strap here feels a little tougher than the 809's. They both are made from the same material, but the design is slightly altered giving the SNZG a tougher but slightly less comfortable wear. The lume is awesome with a small exception on the second hand which it is very thinly applied.
The dial has the 12 hour markings on the outside, while hours 13 to 24 are right under them, giving it more of a military look and use.

Here they are case to case from a side view.


I guess I don't have to tell you which is which ;)

Both watches have their own place in a collection. But to me, there is a clear winner here, and that is the SNZG15. it is larger with excellent Water resistance, super look that can be seen from across the room, and a great lug size to boot.

I hope you enjoyed the review, I promise to add more pictures soon.

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Nice pics , great review .
'With these movements, accuracy is a matter of luck' ??
Is it ?
I do carry as EDC a SNZG05J1 - after very hard time I decided to get this one over the SNZG13J1 - and I can't be more happy with it .
It keeps pretty much the same time with my quartz watches I am not sure it loose/win 1 minute in a couple of weeks , so it's quite accurate ?
Am I a lottery winner in this case ? I must confess that I am wearing it almost every day .
I thought that 7S26 or 7S36B is the same for all 5 SPORTS watches , so pretty much there's the same accuracy if they are daily worn . Was I wrong ?
However I am also a flashaholic and regarding the CREE/LUXEON emitters , even if it's about the same type , it could be a difference of efficiency of 10-20 even 30% between one and another , same with the tint !

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I have been wearing an SNZG13K1 for about two months now. It is similar to the SNZG15 with the addition of polished sides on the case. It is my first automatic and has been keeping great time. Mine came on a decent bracelet that complements the watch very well but also spends time on various Maratac Zulu and NATO straps. I just ordered a SNZG15J to wear exclusively on the Maratac straps and will be keeping the SNZG13K1 on the bracelet that it came with.
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