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You're correct the case back had seen some polishing.
The dial is correct, so are the hands.
Hour hand has been relumed and minimal rot on both main hands. The minute recorder hand might be repainted.
The dial has a mixture of missing lume (1,2, 5 and 7), corroded lume and some relumed (12) plots. The person(s) who were here should have relumed the hand set and the all the dial lume plots as this would have been more consistent aesthetically. I wouldn't worry about the dial print, the dial is genuine with minimal patina.
Crystal is a new replacement.
Due to the lighting, I can't assess the pushers. However, if you have one newer than the other, it's likely to be the replacement one based on evidence of case refinishing.

As with these 701x movements, you really want to see the guts as they usually are good at silently rotting away. The cost of replacement parts is awful due to scarcity. Rusting/rot is usually bad with the chronograph mechanism as it wasn't well plated to start. Also, these parts are really flat with no smooth finish/plating and this is a magnet for moisture retention.

From the outside, it looks good. Based on your assessment on the pricing, the determining factor now is the state of the movement before you decide to hand over the money.
Insist on seeing the movement, don't fall for the excuse that the case back is difficult to open. With the straps removed, it takes less time than unscrewing a threaded caseback.

All the best.
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