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well... i had these 2 monsters for almost a year...

and was thinking of doing some mods to them,
but the cost of modding a watch is quite expensive (well singapore don't have them)

after browsing some pictures online, i decided to go the most simplest mod of all - swapping the chapter rings.
i was surprised that it turned out to be quite nice! 8)

so i thought i should share some pictures of it here... so, enjoy!

i thought the black outlines of the hands fits the black chapter ring nicely

the famous 'halloween' mod

so which one do you prefer? dang, i love both of them!

and now to pair them up with some nice leather strap...

and best of all.. my watchmaker didn't charge me any money.... :p
now some wrist time for my monsters...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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