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Scubapro 450 Owners?

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Any other Scubapro 450 owners out there? I'm just curious to see a sampling of the Scubapro range, w/ years. Here's mine:
I think it's a '76.


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What is the serial no of yours?

Here's mine from 1978,

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That's a nice one! I'll have to dig the 450 back out tomorrow, and see what the SN is. Maybe I can post a few more pics. tomorrow as well.
How many Scubapros were made? I understand that 6306's are pretty rare as is.
I guess no one knows exactly how many have been made but according to an old post on the old SCWF they made probably around 3000:

and they started production in 1978:

Here's mine from 1979:

Now waiting for Mike to show us his NOS 6306-7001 Scubapro :97::2345:
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A real Scubapro from April '88 and a fake picked up from fleabay.

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My Scubapro runs fine, but i'd like to give it a service - I sent it off once to get a service, but the watchmaker (in Perth) wouldn't service it - "Hard to get parts and if i can't make it perfect, I don't want to touch it".

Jeeze, i supplied a new crystal, NOS hands, a spare movement (from a 6306 dress watch) for parts and a set of gaskets! I don't want it perfect anyway - I mainly just want the movement serviced - oh well, I'll get around to it one day.

I have to be careful what i say around here, i could get myself cast out of the Seiko club, but i've never really bonded with this type of diver. I've got a couple of original 7040s (from beat up to close-to-mint) and these Scubapros, but I much prefer a 6105. The 6105 feels better on the wrist, looks better and has a bit more of a story behind it.

Hmmm, maybe I'm just in need of a decent band/bracelet - my small wrists and the huge long standard Seiko rubber band don't really agree. Any suggestions?
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Great to see more and more, thanks for sharing. How about a rubber strap model no. 284 from Bonetto Cinturini? Looks mostly identical to the flat vent Seiko rubber strap but is a little bit shorter. It's also made of natural rubber (IIRC) so it feels and wears much better than any oem rubber strap imho.
Bobs bad bad watch, still loves it, sorry.....:(.....Bob.

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Here is mine,old photo from my archive so i don't remember the SN right now.
~Purchased from Mike Mounce approx 3yrs back...

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802398 is my Scubapro 450's SN. Dates to Oct. '78.
Beautiful watch

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Here is mine,old photo from my archive so i don't remember the SN right now.
~Purchased from Mike Mounce approx 3yrs back...

Top Notch ^^^ :)
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