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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I am looking to enter the ScubaPro 450 Club but nervous as all get out that I may end up with a Feiko. Here’s the one I’m inches from pulling the trigger on- coming from Japan
Watch Analog watch White Clock Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font
Watch White Light Analog watch Clock
Product Watch Vehicle Font Gadget
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font
Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Material property

I’ve scoured all the sources I can, and checked with a few collectors I know, and it seems to check out, but thought it would be prudent to check with the beehive here. Any guidance would be most appreciated!

Thank you for the space.

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Checked against known legit examples.
Everything checks out. Especially fonts and location of print in relation to water150m resist print on dial.
Can't really zoom in on the texture of the lume, but otherwise it's a gorgeous example.


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