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roskopf troubles

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Hi guys
!st timer here and mostly ignorant.
have an Newmark mk11, 13 lignes. pin pallet oldie(worn) Original balance replaced with closest match but watch losing 50-60 minutes per full day.
Reckon the balance is too heavy, Is that ok ? And so plan to skim balance rim approx. 4per cent of total weght to speed up.
Is this viable ? Would decreasing weight of balance speed up timekeeping to proper levels ?
Amplitude seems good, healthy tick and runs for 27-28 hours on full wind,cleaned and oiled.
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Sorry anything with the words pin pallet (by itself) and worn in the same sentence isn't going to perform well ;-(
Hi nzwitchdoctor
Thanks for your reply. You are right.Forgot to say two pivot holes replaced and winding stem hole too.
Any ideas about the rest of my query ?
There maybe another model of that watch that looks the same and similar calibre number but a different balance and so different timekeeping result. That's where I'd be looking first before trying to take weight off the balance.
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