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Author DougFNJ

Got my new Seiko Velatura SRH006P1 Direct Drive last week. After having this on my wrist full time, here are my thoughts

This is the best watch in my collection. I don't know if it's because I spent so much money, and there was some sacrifice involved in acquiring it, or if it is the looks, feel, and technology. Probably all of the above. I have really been enjoying this one.

The Velatura Direct Drive features a very modern look. It's got Sapphire crystal. This version is Stainless Steel with Rose Gold Plating. It's got a black face with subtle rose gold striping appearing in certain lights vertically. The dial on the left side in the face is the charge meter with a red hand. The display on the right side of the face shows the day of the week. The date is displayed at the 6:00 location. The markers around the face use Seiko's signature lumibrite with rose gold highlights framing them. The hands are elegant also with lumibrite and rose gold outlines. The second hand has an interesting canoe look in the center and toward the end, it is nice and thin. The Bezel is black stainless steel with stainless steel screws lining around it. The Crown has a very nice protector that really IMHO makes the look of this watch.

The Velatura has a stainless steel caseback with an interesting looking design almost star like. The ridging is definitely convenient as the ridging feels the watch gripped to my wrist not sliding it around.

It's also got a great comfortable, solid, textured, black rubber strap with a large sized Stainless Steel Rose Gold plated buckle.

The Seiko Velatura offer the Direct Drive Kinetic "Emotional" Technology with Quartz accuracy. You can read how much time you have left on the charge on the meter which displays markings for days, weeks, up to a full month. The inside of the meter in the grey barred section of the meter displays the current charge. Each grey bar marks an hour charged.

Its got the normal Kinetic (Automatic Style) winding mechanism under the back case to charge the watches capacitor. It dosent just wind with motion of wrist, you can also wind the crown. As the watch is being wound, the hand in the meter begins to jump up and down the dial signifying the current charge, when it rests down between winds, the hand climbs the dial and rests at how many hours charged as you wind it. When you stop winding for 4 seconds, the hand climbs the dial to display total charge.

The outside of the crown is a small nub that you pull out one notch to set the date and day of the week.

Pull it a second notch and you can set the time.

On the outside of the watch around the 10:00 location is a reset button. Pressing it resets the meter to zero.

The lume is nice and bright with a good charge. It stays lit for about 3-4 hours.

In conclusion, I have found there is not one thing I do not like about this watch. Its got a luxurious look to it with the rubber strap giving it a nice comfortable sporty feel. It is 100 Meters water resistant. The Velatura has a good solid hefty feel to it. It appears fairly large when off the wrist, but the design is contoured nicely to the wrist, it dosen't look big when wearing it.

I have received a surprising number of compliments on this watch. Rose Gold has a very unique look to it. It appears differently in various photos. Depending on the angle and the light hitting it, Rose Gold could appear copper like or bronze like. In a lot of marketing shots, the lighting they use does not do Rose Gold coloring justice as it can tend to appear very light colored even pinkish. I curently own 2 Rose Gold watches and never would had bought them if all I had to go by were the marketing shots the manufacturers advertise with. The real life photos I see here are what have gotten me interested. So if you ever see a watch design you like and the gold dosent look right, try to hunt down actual photos before you make your decision, you may find yourself seeing a whole other watch.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Keep an eye out for the Youtube video review coming soon on a PC screen near you.
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