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Author: Aaron Weikart Hello everyone. I have owned the Seiko SNAB69 for about 3 months now, so I can now review it on levels on appearance and performance, but also on levels of reliability and owners cost.

-Initial Impressions: Very, very good. The time-piece comes in Seiko's new blue leather box, with Seiko impressed in gold lettering on the top portion, and on the side. One the top of the box is removed, you see your watch delicately wrapped around and laying on a leather pillow, with "SEIKO" in black lettering at the bottom right corner. Underneath this pillow are the papers and manuals, holding them in place is a small white box that will hold your removed links, original tags and the such. The manuals and papers included were: 1.) Seiko's Limited warranty booklet which includes the warranty card that the dealer should have filled out. I put it immediately in my wallet to make me feel good, everyday . 2.) Seiko's FULL operating manual for the alarm chronograph movement, and it even explains the purpose of tachymetres, and other complications. 3.) Seiko Rotary Slide Rule Manual, which is so big; its not even funny. It explains so clearly and so informatively (with examples) how to use every singe feature in the slide rule. It really is cool to read. 4.) The last paper is a informative booklet explaining the benefits and rewards to being a member of the Seiko elite club, which is free. This booklet allows you to fill out the information and send it in by mail. But it is easier to go to the website the booklet provides, to quickly and easily sign up. They send you emails when new technology is released, and other such things.

[/font] [font=verdana][b]- Price as purchased: [/b][/font][font=verdana]I purchased the watch for $320 with sales tax. The MSRP (posted a sticker on the bottom of the leather presentation box) is listed at $495. So bassically, I now have the quality and finish of a TRUE $500 watch, for near half the price. However, it is hard to part with $320 dollars, even though the watch is so worth it. [i]Overall, I rate the purchase cost at a 7, because when all is said and done, $320 ain't cheap.[/i]

[b]- Owner cost to date (reliability): [/b]After three months, I have yet to pay a single cent towards my watch, and it is still keeping perfect time and is still in perfect condition. [i]Overall, I rate the reliability and owner cost as a perfect 10.[/i]
[/font] [center][font=verdana][u][b]REVIEW[/b][/u]
[/font] [/center][font=verdana][b]- Brand: [/b]SEIKO
- Model number: [/b]SNAB69
- Official Nickname: [/b]"Flight Master"
- Overview: [/b]Very beautiful watch, the movement is top notch and the number of used for the slide rule is absolutely endless. The entire watch is stainless-steel with black-ion plating. The black-ion plating resists scratching very well, and I still have no scratches anywhere on the watch, including the clasp. The plating also helps to make oil marks from your skin disappear and become unnoticeable.The watch feels very "official", and the quality and attention found in the dial, case, bracelet, clasp, and EVEN the movement is extraordinary.
- movement number, overview: [/b]7T62. Many people are familiar with this movement by Seiko. It is a quartz powered alarm chronograph. It has one crown, and 2 buttons. To me, this layout mimics the ease and beauty of mechanical chronographs, and is a simple touch. If you are familiar with a automatic chronograph, this is not much different. The second hand records in 1/5th second increments, which also mimics the beauty of a mechanical chronograph. The second hand is very elegant in the way it ticks (5 times a second). The top mini-dial in the minute register. The dial at the 9 o'clock position is the second hand for the watch. The last dial at the 6 o'clock position is the alarm hand, which can also serve as time time in a second time-zone. It keeps time with the watch, until you set it to your desired alarm time. The sound the alarm makes is very well done and very high pitched, and is NOT, I repeat NOT, made to wake you up. It is to be used during the day, to remind you and make tasks more efficient. The last feature the movement has is a date. The date window blends into the dial, and is between the 4 and 5 o'clock position. [i]Overall, I rate the movement a 9. The only reason I don't rate it a 10 (because it is my favorite movement of all time) is because the battery is only made to last 3 years. I know, this is a VERY long time, but I wish it would last 5, or maybe even 8 years. [/i]
- Case: [/b]The case, like the rest of the watch, is stainless-steel plated with a black-ion finish. This black ion finish is polished around the bezel, and every surface on the side of the case is polished as well. The black-ion finish is so amazing the the way it doesn't rub off. It must be joined to the steel at a chemical level. The case has a water resistance of 100m, or 330ft. It is very well down, and the lugs curve downward very steep to make it look so good on the wrist. The case has a very high presence on the wrist as well. [i]Overall, I rate the case an 9. Not a perfect 10 simply because I would have NO idea how to polish or refurbish this watch if something were to happen to it.[/i]
-Case Measurements and specifications: [/b]
-Diameter without the crowns: 43mm.
-Thickness(height) of the case: 11.5mm.
-From lugs to lugs: 24mm.
-Weight of case with bracelet: 182g (6.2oz)
-Can fit: 6.5 to 8 inch wrists.
[i]Overall, I rate the size of the watch at 8. The watch IS a BIG watch, and I only reccomend it if your wrists are AT LEAST 6.5'' in diameter.[/i]
- crystal: [/b]Seiko Hardlex crystal. The crystal is extremely clear, and after three months of wear and tear there isn't ANY scratches on the crystal, very tough stuff. [i]I rate the crystal a perfect 10, because I can't find anything wrong with it.

[/i][b]- illumination: [/b]The watch used Seiko famous and legendary lume found in the Seiko Black and orange monsters. It is so bright, I can;t even explain how amazing it is. The lume is applied to the hour markers, minute and hour hands, and the second hand (which looks so cool in the dark with the chronograph running, or when you reset and watch the little green light fly around the dial back to 0.) [i]Overall, I rate the lume a extremely well deserved 10. It is 10 times better than the lume found on my Rolex Submariner, a $5000 watch.[/i]
- bracelet and clasp: [/b]The bracelet was MADE for the watch, so everything lines up with the utmost precision. A bonus of this "made for" design is also very noticeable in the fact the the bracelet does not rattle at all, and if very solid. It doesn't move, and the spring bars have at least 2 pounds of pressure. The bracelet is very strong, very durable, and most of all: absolutely gorgeous with the brushed finish. The clasp is Seiko's praised clasp used on almost all of their clasp equipped watches. It has a push button release that snaps into place. And just in case that secure snap isn't enough for you, it has a fold over safety clasp that further snaps into place to make sure that this watch will NEVER part with your wrist. The bracelet and clasp together are EXTREMELY comfortable, along with the extremely smooth and comfy case back. If feels as if it is just one strip of metal, and it doesn't grab at your arm hair at all. [i]Overall, I rate the bracelet and clasp as a well-deserved 10. Hell, I'd give is a 50 if I could.[/i]
- bezel: [/b]Inner rotating slide rule bezel. The crown at the 9 o'clock position is used to rotate the inner bezel, which is a nice tough. I have always adored inner bezels.[i] Overall, I rate the bezel as a 8. The only reason is that the inner bezel turns kind of loosely, and would be nice if it were tighter.

-[/i][b]Crown: [/b]The crown is a screw down type, and makes the watch water resistant to 100m, or 330ft. The screw down crown is very grooved, which not only makes it look absolutely pretty, but it also makes it VERY easy to turn and grip. [i]Overall, I rate the crown a perfect 10.[/i]
- Special Features:[/b][/font][font=verdana]As mentioned before, it includes a breitling style slide rule that can convert different measurements, calculate anything needed in a flight plan, it can even do square roots. It has a very handy alarm, and of course the 1/5th second hand that is just simply COOL.[/font][font=verdana] [img]
[/font] [font=verdana][b]
- Closing Opinions: [/b]I have fallen victim to Seiko, and the quality and features of this watch are absolutely astounding. The benefits and service I receive from the brand are astounding, and are absolutely top-notch. The watch is absolutely perfect, and I am definently going to buy numerous Seiko's in the future. If you are looking for a perfect pilots watch, look no further than Seiko's amazing line of Flight Master Time-pieces. I recommend this watch fully and completely to anyone that is looking for a pilot's watch.

Final Rating:
[b]Purchase cost:[/b] [u]7[/u] ( Purchase price: $320)
[b]Reliability/owners cost: [/b][u]10[/u][b]
Movement: [/b][u]9[/u][b]
Case: [/b][u]9[/u][b]
Crystal: [/b][u]10[/u][b]
Illumination: [/b][u]10[/u][b]
Bracelet and clasp: [/b][u]10
[/u][b]Crown: [/b][u]10
[/u][b] Bezel: [/b][u]8
[/u][b]Size: [/b][u]8
[i][b]Perfect score:[/b][/i] [color=darkgreen][u][b]100[/b][/u] [b][i]Points Received:[/i] [u][color=seagreen]91

[/u][/b][color=black]Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps people buy with confidence, and knowing absolutely everything about the watch there is to know. This is my first review, so please tell me if I did anything wrong, or if I left anything out, because I will add it to this review and others in the future! Thanks again!
- Sir Aaron Weikart

Here are some pictures, some taken by me. The others are ones gathered on the internet, for I do not have a extremely good camera:

[/font] __________________
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