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Authored by moeharri

List Price: $375
Purchase Price: $160
Movement: 7N32 quartz
Dial Color: Dark gray
Case: Titanium
Crystal: Hardlex
Back: Titanium
Hacks: Yes
Handwinds: No
Lume: No
Water Resistance: 5 Bar (150 feet)
Bracelet Micro Adjustments: 2
Purchased: December 2004
Purchased From: Ebay

Width: 36.00 mm
With Crown: 38.50 mm
Lug Width: 18.00 mm
Height (lug to lug): 41.40 mm
Thickness: 7.60 mm

This was my first “real” watch. At the time (about 5 years ago), I was having a hard time finding any watch that I wanted to purchase. One day while in JC Penney department store, I spotted this watch. I tried it on and LOVED it; I then glanced at the price tag of $375 and my jaw hit the floor. There was NO way I would ever pay that much for a watch I thought. A $25 watch would keep time as well as this watch, why would I pay extra? Back then a watch for me was for telling time, not to be admired and cared for as it is now. However, I hit up Ebay and found the watch at about a 60% discount and decided to go for it!

QUALITY (fit, crystal, lume, bracelet)
To begin with, this watch is extremely light weight--being made completely of titanium, it disappears on the wrist. I like the simple design of the face and the bordered date window. It does not have lume, to my surprise, but this is fine to me as I would rarely use it on a watch of this style.

The crystal is a hardlex, but it has sustained quite a few blemishes with my extremely tame lifestyle. I do not know how I got a slight scratch and a ding on the crystal. I would have hoped the crystal would hold up better than this, but perhaps it is to be expected.

As mentioned above, the titanium bracelet is extremely light weight, but seems to scratch very easily. I don’t mind the scratches too much as it gives the watch character, but I would have expected a bit more durability from the bracelet and clasp.

My unscientific observation is that the watch currently runs about +/- 5 seconds per month.

Light weight

Crystal durability
Bracelet durability

Fit/finish: 9/10
Crystal: 3/5
Dial/Bezel: 4/5
Lume: N/A
Bracelet/Strap: 4/5
Accuracy: 5/5
Value: 8/10
Overall (not an average): 7/10

Comparison to SKA387

Here is some background information about me. This may help clarify my point of view and what shapes my opinions. If there is anything I can do to help you with more information about the watches in my reviews, if you’d like more photos, etc, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

I am a computer programmer/analyst from a very small town in central Wisconsin. I am a husband and father to two boys, ages 3 and 1. My interests include digital photography (Canon SLR’s), watches (Japanese mainly), Apple computers, cars (Japanese and German), and LED flashlights. I am a self-professed perfectionist and appreciate an extreme attention to detail and like to have a sense of value for my money. I believe this is what draws me primarily to Japanese watches. I have written my reviews in an attempt to provide information that I found difficult myself (at least before finding WUS) to obtain. I typically research a new watch purchase for about 20 hours in an attempt to make sure I’m happy with my purchase.

My measurements were all performed with a digital caliper accurate down to .01 mm and rounded to the nearest .05 mm. I believe these to be as accurate of measurements as I have seen anywhere and may differ from official specs and other websites. For reference in the photos, I have approximately a 6.5 inch wrist.
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