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Author: Moeharri

List Price: $395
Purchase Price: $122
Movement: 5M62 6 jewel kinetic with 6 month power reserve
Dial Color: Dark blue
Case: Stainless Steel
Crystal: Hardlex
Back: Hardlex
Hacks: No
Handwinds: No
Lume: Yes
Water Resistance: 10 Bar (300 feet)
Bracelet Micro Adjustments: 4
Purchased: April 2009
Purchased From: Dave’s Watches (Ebay)

Width: 40.00 mm
With Crown: 43.75 mm
Lug Width: 18.95 mm
Height (lug to lug): 49.15 mm
Thickness: 13.20 mm

At work, Fridays are casual dress days. I wanted a watch I could wear on those days with jeans and a daily beater for the weekends. I prefer to baby my automatic movement watch(es), but feel more secure in a kinetic watch during activities. I also wanted to try out a Seiko kinetic movement as the technology seemed neat to me and I liked the idea of being able to see the power reserve by hitting the pusher at the 2 o’clock position.

QUALITY (fit, crystal, lume, bracelet)
My first impression when I received this watch is that it weighs a TON. When I let my wife hold it, she was as surprised as I was at the heft. I had never felt a watch this heavy before, but I liked it. In a beater watch, I watched something that felt solid, like it could take a beating (even though I still baby my beaters compared to most people). The bezel is unidirectional, feels very solid, and takes just the right amount of effort to rotate.

I like the bracelet design and especially the safety clasp on the bracelet--it’s another reassurance during activities that the watch will remain in place. I also enjoy the unique sound the kinetic movement makes as it charges the battery--it makes the watch feel alive on my wrist

Now for my biggest complaint about the watch. The lume is exceptionally weak. In actual usage, the lume is very dim and fades extremely quickly (under 5 minutes). Overall this isn’t a huge issue for me as I don’t need lume that often, but it’d be nice if it did work better if/when I actually do need it.

My unscientific observation is that the watch currently runs about +/- 5 seconds per month.

Kinetic movement
Heavy weight/built like a tank
Safety clasp on bracelet

Very weak lume

Fit/finish: 9/10
Crystal: 5/5
Dial/Bezel: 5/5
Lume: 2/5
Bracelet/Strap: 4/5
Accuracy: 5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall (not an average): 9/10

Comparison to Orient Mako (Mako on left)

Here is some background information about me. This may help clarify my point of view and what shapes my opinions. If there is anything I can do to help you with more information about the watches in my reviews, if you’d like more photos, etc, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

I am a computer programmer/analyst from a very small town in central Wisconsin. I am a husband and father to two boys, ages 3 and 1. My interests include digital photography (Canon SLR’s), watches (Japanese mainly), Apple computers, cars (Japanese and German), and LED flashlights. I am a self-professed perfectionist and appreciate an extreme attention to detail and like to have a sense of value for my money. I believe this is what draws me primarily to Japanese watches. I have written my reviews in an attempt to provide information that I found difficult myself (at least before finding WUS) to obtain. I typically research a new watch purchase for about 20 hours in an attempt to make sure I’m happy with my purchase.

My measurements were all performed with a digital caliper accurate down to .01 mm and rounded to the nearest .05 mm. I believe these to be as accurate of measurements as I have seen anywhere and may differ from official specs and other websites. For reference in the photos, I have approximately a 6.5 inch wrist. __________________
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