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Seiko’s 1968 Flagship Watch:
The 6106-8120 Sport Diver

I had a discussion with koekoek a while ago about which was Seiko’s FIRST 70 meter Sports Diver. His 6106-8120 was from February of 1968, and while I hadn't seen any others of that family from an earlier month, we both agreed that it was impossible to say with 100% certainty which model was THE first.

Although the 6106-8120 may or may not have been the first, it certainly was the most promoted of all the 70 meter Sports Divers of that year.

The 6106-8120 appeared on the cover of the 1968 catalog…

As well as gracing the cover of several sales brochures…

Print ads from the time that feature it were everywhere…

Clearly Seiko felt that the 6106-8120’s design was novel enough in its day to attract the attention of customers.

The 1968 catalog shows it offered in silver, black, and blue.

The catalog also shows all three usually mounted on the same slotted bracelet. But one special variation not shown in the catalog was offered for the blue-dialed model. The blue model’s bracelet slots were filled with blue anodized inserts matching its bezel.

It’s a super rare variant, and I consider myself lucky to own it.

The clasps are stamped with the Seiko 5 Sports logo, both vertically and re-oriented horizontally.

The 6106-8120 shares the same bezel with the 6106-8510.

And has the same three dials as the 6119-8130s

And the same slotted bracelet was also mounted on some of the the 5126-8080s:

The 6119-8120 has the same case and bracelet, but a different movement, dial, and bezel.

Seiko could thus create a multitude of models by mixing and matching from a small pool of components. But of all the different 70M Sports Divers offered in 1968, only one, the 6106-8120, was still featured in in Seiko’s 1969 catalog.

Yet I have found no 6106-8120 casebacks showing a manufacturing date of 1969. Perhaps so many of them were produced in 1968 that Seiko had to promote them in the 1969 catalog to sell off the surplus?

At any rate, there is no surplus of 6106-8120s today. The black and grey dialed ones regularly go for around $200, while the rarer blue-dialed ones sell for around $300 to $400.
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